Plastic Road Stud With Reflective

We offer high quality road studs that are used for sharp curved roads for road safety. These road studs can be applied for busy traffic intersections; coastal areas, foggy weather, dangerous and sharp road bends; airport guidance light, hilly areas fly-over; and four-lane highways.

They have night-time benefits as they help in improving driving awareness. They are even used in complexes with underground parking, hotels, hospitals, shopping mall etc.

Typical Properties

  • Putting an end to the "shelling" phenomenon: adopting high-intensity plastic without fill body

  • There are two kinds bi-directional and uni-directional

  • Shorten the construction cycle. You don't have to set road barrier and let people watch after finish installing and cars could go immediately.

  • Both of its loading and impact strength exceed ministry of communications standard.

  • Its illumination intensity parameter is 3-4 times that of communications ministry first-class products'.

  • Its chemistry capability index conforms to and exceeds the ministry of communications standard

  • Its aging resistance capability is2-3times the engineering project plastics' and applicable environment temperature is -40deg `+65deg

  • Application range Decelerating line, central line, lane line, edge line and so on.

  • Anti-Collision Resistance 20 ton

  • The design is compliant to ASTM D 4280


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