We have Cold applied and Thermo Plastic Road Marking paints in our rage, which contain Reflective and Non Reflective property


Thermo Plastic
A Hot Applied Road Marking Paint with Reflective

A high quality Thermoplastic Road Marking Powder consisting of light coloured aggregate, heat stable pigments and can easily be applied to form a highly durable marking on all asphalt and concrete surfaces with excellent adhesion, colour fastness, skid resistance and light reflectivity

Available Packing : 25 kg. Plastic Bag.

Road Marker - Fast Dry
Cold Applied Road Marking non Reflective Paint

A good road marking paint requires high abrasion resistance, good adhesion over bitumen and cement concrete surfaces and excellent weather resistance. Easy applicability, a very short drying time, good coverage and a good luminescence characteristics are other essential properties that are expected. Innovative Reflectors Private Limited have come out with a new paint product “Road Guide” in two Standard colors, white & Yellow, possessing the above characteristics.

Available Packing : 20 Ltrs

Road King - Fast Dry
Cold Applied Road Marking Reflective Paint

The Cold-Applied Reflective Road Marking Paint available in standard shades of White and Yellow is suitable to be applied over Bitumen/Cement Concrete roads as Road Marking Paint. The paint marking is retro-reflective and hence during night times, when the headlight beam of a fast moving vehicle falls on the marking, the light is reflected back to the driver due to a physical phenomenon called Retro-reflection. This enables the driver of the vehicle to get alerted even at a reasonable distance and to control the speed of the vehicle comfortably.

Available Packing : 20 Ltrs

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