Pack Size:
                  4 Ltr
                 20 Ltr
Polymer based waterproofing liquid

NOVALICA is an opaque liquid solution \which has three in one concept. It can be used as a water proof coating, bonding old to new concert /matter, integral water proof add mixture for cement/plaster and repair matter for spilled and eroded surfaces due to chemical atmosphere.


Water resistant excellent adhesion to concert, brick, stones and compatible with cement. High compressive/tensile strengths. Resistant to ingress of salts, mineral oils etc., Non toxic suitable for use in portable water tank. Excellent corrosion resistant and economical.


Novalica is effectively used in arresting nagging leakage, dampness from walls and protecting exposed reinforcement.

Areas of Application.
Waterproofing of terraces.
Arresting rising dampness.
Waterproofing of toilets and sunken slabs.
Waterproofing for sumps and Tanks
Mixing Ratio:


1 Ltr + 1 Kg =

25-30 SFT/COAT

Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)
Surface Preparation: System :

Clean the surface to remove oil and grease and fill up cracks if any with seal crack and allow it dry. Damp the surface with water. Apply minimum two coats of novalica coating by brush.

The system consists of application of protective coats depending on the of problem. In service cased number of coats can be increased. Plaster immediately where desired for the slopes.


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