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A Silicone Aluminium coating for protective coating

A Silicone Aluminium coating that withstands temperatures of up to 700 C . HEAT GUARD-610 product is formulated with a leafing aluminium pigment and silicone that withstands temperatures up to 700 C. This product is excellent for use on engine headers, manifolds, furnaces, boilers, kilns, metal fireplaces, grills, etc. The product forms a super durable porcelain-like bond on surfaces at high temperatures and offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt spray, oil, grease and humidity. The product dries to a brilliant, glossy, silver / black finish. The product is oil and gas resistant. Tough cured finish resists oil, gas, grease, rust, salt, humidity and solvents. It is recommended for Smokestacks, Furnaces, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Steam pipes, Ovens, Drying Kilns, Manifolds, Exhaust systems, Stoves, Headers, Machinery casings and Incinerators.

Typical Properties

Appearance : Bright Silver / Black

Resin Type : Silicone Based.
Pigment Type : Aluminium / Carbon Black oxide.
Finish : Low sheen [ 20 @ 60 0 ]
Viscosity   30 + 5 secs
Solvent Type : Aromatic / Aliphatic Hydrocarbons.
Recommended coats : Two Recoat time : 2 hours
Recommended Dry Film : 15 – 25 microns.
Specific gravity : 1 + 0.03 gm / ml.
Solids By Volume : 40 %
Coverage : 150 sq. ft / ltr. for DFT 15 - 25 microns.
Flash point : Above 21 C
Dry Heat Resistance : 700 C
Dry Time : Set to touch in 1 hour.
Shelf Life : 12 months from the date of manufacture   
    in original sealed containers.


 Smoke Stacks
 Heat exchangers
 Steam pipes
 Drying Kilns
Exhaust systems
Machinery casings
Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)

Surface Preparation : It is absolutely necessary that the surface to be coated must be free from oil, dust, rust, wax, grease and moisture. The service life of heat resistant coatings is dependant on the degree of surface preparation performed. For best results, an abrasive blast conforming with SSPCSP – 10 [ SA 2 Specification] white blast is recommended. Blast profile should be approximately 15 - 25 microns. Primer is not recommended in this system. If the surface is not clean then it affects bonding of product

to the metal substrate.


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