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Stops online leakage without shutdown

Fast curing titanium putty for quick, on-line leak arrest repair of oil leakage, gas leakage etc.,  under high pressure without any shutdown or draining.


Typical Properties

Tensile Strength, Kg/cm2 : 105

Compressive Strength, Kg/cm2 : 582

Hardness, Shore D : 80 : 80

Maximum Operating Temperature, C : 93

Mixing Ratio by volume (R : H) : 1 : 1
by weight (R : H) : 1 : 1
Pot life at 30C, minutes : 3
Full cure at 30C, minutes : 10
Colour : Grey
Coverage per Kg, cm3 : 395


 Pipe line
 Oil sump
 Hydraulic Line
 Weld joints
Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)
Surface Preparation : Pin point the leakage area and scrap of all paint from the surface. Clean and roughen the area using clean cloth & emery paper. Clean and prepare the surface using Cleaner Conditioner. Hold a cloth pressed to a leak to temporarily stop oozing out oil.
Mixing: Resin and Hardener are supplied in pre-weighed packs and in different colours for visual inspection of complete mixture. For part mixing take Resin : Hardener in mix kit in the ratio of 1 : 1 by volume or weight. Mix homogeneously until uniform colour is obtained. Scrap sides, corners and bottom of containers.

Application : Remove the cloth and immediately apply the putty over the leak and hold firmly for about 2-3 minutes. On hardening, inspect area to ascertain leakage stoppage. Use reinforcement tape for additional reinforcement if required.

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