Pack Size:                
                  0.5 kg
                           1 kg

Ceramic in brushable grade for protection of process equipments against bimetallic corrosion, cavitations and pitting. Brushable Ceramic Seals and protects new equipment exposed to erosion and corrosion; protect pump casings, impeller blades, gate valves, water boxes, and fan blades; rebuild heat exchangers, tube sheets, and other water circulating equipment; top coat for providing exceptionally smooth surface to repaired surfaces.

Typical Properties

Tensile Strength, Kg / cm2

: 423

Compressive Strength, Kg / cm2 : 844

Hardness, Shore D : 85

Maximum Operating Temperature, C : 175

Mixing Ratio By volume, (R : H) : 1 : 1

By weight, (R : H) : 1 : 1

Pot life at 30 C , minutes : 20

Full cure at 30 C , hours : 4

Colour : Navy blue

Coverage, in3 : 644
Dielectric Strength, kv / mm : 33


 Oil cooler
 Condensor tube sheet
 Process equipment
 Glass lined reactor
 Water circulating equipment
Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)
Surface Preparation : Better the surface preparation, better the application life. For best adhesion, the application surface must be clean, rough, dry and free from all loose particles, oil, grease, etc., Abrade using conventional tools or sandblast to SA 21/2 standard to expose actual base substrate. Apply Conditioner for cleaning and degreasing of components.
Mixing: Resin and Hardener are supplied in pre-weighed packs and in different colours for visual inspection of complete mixture. For part mixing take Resin : Hardener in the ratio of 1 : 1 by volume or weight. Mix homogeneously until uniform colour is obtained. Scrap sides, corners and bottom of containers.
Application : Apply mixed materials with suitable stiff type brush. The 1st coat must be firmly applied and be well scrubbed in to the surface. The 1st coating should be allowed to become tack free, before applying the 2nd coat. As for as possible the coating should be applied on bare surface only. Surface temperature should be ambient at the time of application. The more number of coats will give higher degree of insulation. No solvents or thinners should be added. Dry finish will produce textured finish, if the roughness is absent, then Heat insulate has not been stirred properly.

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